Woodlawn Cemetery & Mausoleum Logo Concept

Learn more about how the first logo identity was designed for the city’s most historical resource since it was founded over a century ago. Use the red arrow to see the original concept submitted by Leslie N. Fountain (black and white arc logo) along with the final adoption created by the City of Santa Monica’s Woodlawn Cemetery (blue logo).

In 2009, a design class at Art Institute of California – Los Angeles was asked to design logos for the infamous Woodlawn Cemetery in Santa Monica, California. The creative brief required that the logo must use the City of Santa Monica’s logo elements. Studying the cemetery and its relationship with the public, three significant factors of the cemetery stood out to me and were reflected in the logo design concepts submitted: signature stained glass windows, collection of trees, and view of the ocean from the site.
The black and white arc logo is one of two of the final logo concepts submitted by myself for consideration along with the egg-shaped logo to present a "rebirth" concept. The black and white arc logo concept was selected and adopted into the one currently used today for the City of Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery. The final design (in blue) was adopted and created by a third party.