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Learn more about how GIS can strengthen your strategy.

See yourself better.

Seeing yourself better is about employing the right information technology and communications strategy to heighten your brand experience.


Bring us to the table when you need research and data storytelling. Using geographic information systems and other approaches, we can broaden your understanding and sharpen the edge you need in your industry.


Whether digital or traditional, our expertise in marketing is comprehensive and creative. We believe in employing the savviness of public relations, advertising, and competitiveness with tactical objectives for real results.


Words and images are the key tools for communicating information and creating understanding. Let us help you construct the right message in graphic design or written form to connect to your audience.

SixFifty is a boutique public relations, information technology & marketing agency based in Oakland, California.

Marketing Design

Need sales materials or a brand identity overhaul? Check out our design services.

UX & CX Design

Connect with your audience at significant points in their journey with your brand.

Web Development

Get your campaign or company operations online with dynamic web design and development that suits your needs.

Media & Advertising

We’ll design and implement your next content marketing strategy or advertising campaign for your brand.

Our Specialties

SixFifty is a multidisciplinary agency with broad vision and ideas that can produce the deliverables you need.  From concept development to execution – let us apply our lean operation to reach your branding, marketing, and communications goals.

Digital & Traditional Media88%

88% Complete

Branding Development & Management93%

93% Complete

Curiosity, ongoing learning, and mindful listening feeds our distinctive skill set for brand strategy and information technology. We’re essentially a one-stop shop to streamline your operations, communications, and marketing efficiently and effectively.

Analytics, Data & Research84%

84% Complete

Strategy & Planning97%

97% Complete

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